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USPS Philadephia

Concrete Contractor - USPS

Scope of Work

Duration: 45 Days
Client: USPS Philadelphia – Lindbergh Blvd.

Mark Cement Contractors was the first on-site and was responsible for this (3) phase job starting at the employee entrance where we were responsible for demolition, excavation, and layout of concrete curb work, island pads, flatwork, re-bar install and more. The second and third phases of this work began at the truck entrance just 16 days after completing the first phase. The second and third phases would share a similar scope of work as the first phase.

Mark Cement Contractors worked along with multiple contractors as well as USPS staff to ensure safety and productivity which allowed us to finish all phases of work ahead of schedule.

  • Concrete Demolition
  • Excavation
  • Curb Work
  • Bollard Install
  • Column Footings
  • Structural Slabs

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